Thank You

Diane Mader outside with her dog

I have retired from the practice of law after almost 40 years. That must be some kind of record! I enjoyed my years of service to clients and the relationships formed with clients, colleagues, and court officials. I offer a heartfelt thank you to all of you who were part of my journey. I am grateful for a meaningful career.

I began my practice with the goal of helping families through the divorce process. Over the years I succeeded in helping families but realized that I had to change the divorce process in order to make real change for families. And, with others, I did that. I worked to change the system. I hope children and families touched by my efforts experienced a good divorce. I hope I made lasting improvement to the divorce process.

Although I no longer practice law, I continue to welcome mediation clients. I have closed the door on my legal practice but my years of experience mediating family conflict lives on. My goals as a mediator are reducing conflict and improving day to day life and ultimate outcomes for clients caught up in destructive communication before, during, and after divorce. Divorce is a transformative process. Letting go and moving on is complex and I can help.

I also continue to offer coaching. My goal as a coach is to support individuals facing life transitions. Some clients are thinking about divorce. Some clients are facing other major life changes, like graduation or employment uncertainty. I coach people who have lost a loved one, walking with them as support in their new and deeply personal journey. My coaching helps clients struggling to find support, acknowledgment, recognition, acceptance, and ultimately peace.

All appointments are virtual due to the pandemic.

Contact me via email at to schedule or call or text me at (608) 575-3524. I look forward to hearing from you.

– Diane Mader